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Public Hearing Information - Community Preservation Committee - Town of Needham, Massachusetts



MAY, 2017

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) invites all interested parties to a public hearing on the following projects that have been included in the May 2016 Annual Town Meeting Warrant.  The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 7:30 PM in Powers Hall at Town Hall.  The CPC welcomes the input to assist in their deliberations.  A decision on whether the CPC will recommend each of the projects will be made by the end of March, prior to them being presented to Town Meeting.  To view the applications, please go to  If you are unable to attend but have questions, please contact CPC Staff Liaison at or at (781) 455-7550 (press 3 to reach her via Park and Recreation Office)


The Park and Recreation Commission, in conjunction with the Permanent Public Building Committee and Town Manager, is requesting Construction Funds of $12,000,000 to build an outdoor recreation pool and an outdoor fitness/competitive pool, add a spray park, rebuild the driveway and two parking lots, rebuild the lower level of the building for the bathhouse and pool functions, and rebuild the trailhead to Rosemary trails. The building will be solar-ready, and the driveway and lower parking lot will utilize porous pavement.  A separate funding request of $3,800,000 has been made for portions of the project that are not eligible for CPA funding, including the second floor of the building which will provide indoor space to support the site’s outdoor recreation and provide opportunities throughout the year for indoor recreation space.  The second floor would include office space for the Park and Recreation Department and the Health Department. 


The DPW and Town Engineer are requesting $2,100,000 for the removal of sediment in Rosemary Lake.  The Town has been completing projects along Rosemary Brook, improving the quality of water that leads into Rosemary Lake.  The next step is to remove the sediment from Rosemary Lake, all which will lead to better water quality downstream, as Rosemary Brook continues through Needham Heights, eventually meeting the Wellesley water lands and then the Charles River. 


The DPW, in collaboration with Park and Recreation, is requesting $370,000 to design and construct improvements to the two multi-purpose fields at Cricket Field.  The surface will be removed, the soils will be amended, and a new irrigation system will be installed before the final natural grass surface is restored.  It is anticipated that work would be done during Summer 2018.   The original request to the CPC was for $285,000, but did not include design or contingency and has subsequently been changed.     


The PPBC, in collaboration with the Board of Selectmen and School Committee, requests $210,000 to construct a new trail at the Central Avenue site of the new elementary school.  The nature trail will be ADA accessible, and all users will be able to explore a variety of habitats and enjoy a scenic vista overlooking water, wetlands, and forested properties.  The Student Conservation Association will participate in a portion of the project, reducing some of the anticipated construction costs. 


The Town Manager, with the Conservation Department and Park and Recreation Department, requests $860,000 to re-construct the all-person trail around the Needham Reservoir.  The trail will consist of a combination of wooden boardwalks and stone dust trails, and will significantly upgrade an existing trail and provide access to the Reservoir to all members of the community.  Accessible fishing docks will be added and a bridge over the stream.  New parking spaces will be created in the parking lot at 500 Dedham Avenue.  The former wells will be closed, and sensitive wetland areas will be preserved and restored. The design of this project was previously funded through CPA. 


The MWRA requests $250,000 as part of the funding for the restoration of the historic railings on Echo Bridge.  The MWRA has jurisdiction over the Sudbury Aqueduct, which is carried over the Charles River on Echo Bridge. About 1/3rd of the bridge is in Needham, and 2/3rds is in Newton. The MWRA must install railings that meet current safety codes, but also desires to reconstruct/replicate the historic railings.  It is anticipated that the full project would cost $1.44 million.  MWRA has already received $250,000 from the state.   MWRA is requesting $250,000 from Needham CPA funds, and in Fall 2017 will submit a request for $500,000 from Newton CPA funds.  The remaining funds would be privately raised.