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The role of the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) is to evaluate and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen about public education, enforcement, and improvement of the safety of the public ways in Needham for vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycling traffic. The goal is to provide for the safety of pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the review of existing policies and procedures to ensure effective communication, coordination, and continuation of sound traffic and transportation programs; the recommendation of new approaches that will correct or ameliorate existing problems; the monitoring of the effectiveness of changes or modifications, and share evaluations with the Board of Selectmen; to provide a forum for citizen groups and individuals to seek input on pedestrian, motoring, or bicycling traffic issues; and the recommendation to the Board of Selectmen proposals for implementing significant changes to existing programs needing policy, procedural, and/or budgetary action.

The Traffic Management Advisory Committee is comprised of the Town Manager or designee; Police Chief or designee; Town Engineer; and six (6) residents, with at least one possessing familiarity with traffic engineering whenever practical or feasible.

The Permanent Public Building Committee (PPBC) was formed in June 1996 with seven members who were appointed to be responsible for overseeing the construction, reconstruction, enlargement, or alteration of all buildings owned by the town or constructed on land owned, leased or operated by the town having a total project cost of $500,000 or more. The PPBC is responsible for working with the individual user agencies as the need for a project, and / or a feasibility study, becomes established.

Members of the PPBC are appointed by an Appointing Authority comprised of the Moderator, Chair of School Committee, Chair of Selectmen, Chair of Library Trustees and the Chair of the Park & Recreation Commission.

The member composition shall include a commercial general contractor, an architect, an engineer, an attorney, two residents at large and the Town Manager or his/her designee.

Currently there are two vacancies on the PPBC:  that of a General Contractor and an Attorney.
Candidates must be registered voters in the Town of Needham and shall not be a paid employee of the Town, or serve as an elected official, or appointed or elected member of another standing Town board, committee or commission, except Town Meeting.

The Community Preservation Act is state-wide act enabling legislation to allow cities and towns to choose to create a new funding source that can be used to address three core community concerns, plus recreation:  acquisition and preservation of historic buildings and landscapes; acquisition and preservation of open space; and creation and support of affordable housing.

The responsibilities of the  Community Preservation Committee (CPC) are to evaluate proposals and to make recommendations to Town Meeting for the appropriation of community preservation funds. 

The time commitment for this Committee varies throughout the year, but generally meets once or twice a month throughout the fall into spring before Town Meeting.  Meetings are generally held on Wednesdays. 

There are five statutory members on the CPC, with appointees from the Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Housing Authority, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Planning Board. There are four additional members, with two appointed by the Board of Selectmen and two appointed by the town moderator.   This vacancy is appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

The purpose of the Commission is to advise municipal officials, public and private agencies, and other individuals in order to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local disability laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.). It's charge is to promote full integration of persons with disabilities into the community, provide information, referrals, and technical assistance to individuals, businesses, and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability issues, and to participate in a variety of forums and media events to develop public awareness of persons with disabilities and encourage compliance with the A.D.A.

The Commission on Disabilities also provides grants to community based organizations to make it possible for persons with disabilities to participate more fully in programs and activities within Needham.

The Commission is comprised of nine members and meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Needham Public Library Community Room.

Established in June, 1999, the purpose of the Committee is to receive gifts and bequeaths that will be used towards lasting improvements of the public common areas in the Town. Improvements will consist of items such as benches, sculpture, artwork, hardscape, lighting, etc.

Its mission is to revitalize Needham public spaces and bring more art into the public venue through the use of private funds. The NCRTF fund allows private citizens, organizations and businesses to contribute to the NCRTF general fund to help support a variety of NCRTF projects or directly towards a specific NCRTF project within the Town.

The Board of Selectmen recently expanded the member composition from five to seven in order to reflect a cross section of member perspectives within the Town. The Board is seeking candidates who are active in the Needham Art Community to represent the one membership representing the Needham Art Community.

This Committee meets once a month.

The charge of this Committee is to act as liaison between the Golf Club and the Board of Selectmen.  The Committee will meet to ensure that the club is operated as intended under the terms of the lease agreement and to report to the Board on Golf Club operations and refer issues for the Boards' resolution.

Applicants must be residents of Needham. Interested individuals are requested to submit an application consisting of a brief letter of interest, including a summary of relevant experience and contact information. Applications may be submitted in writing or by email or may be completed online at: Vacancies may remain open until a suitable candidate has been appointed.

Applications, or any questions or requests for information, may be submitted to:

Needham Board of Selectmen
Attn: Ms. Sandy Cincotta
Town Hall
1471 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02492
Tel: 781-455-7500 extension 204