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Street Occupancy Permit
When you Need a Permit
If you are performing any work on, in, within, under or over any town-owned right of way, easement, or land, you need to obtain a permit. This includes heavy equipment crossing sidewalks and other town property, even when there is no actual excavation taking place.

How to get Your Permit

Plot Plans Shall Show the Following Information
  • Plan must be drawn to scale of 1 inch to 40 feet or greater
  • Address of area where work is proposed
  • Name, address, phone number of the person preparing the plan
  • Name, address, phone number of the applicant
  • Street name of roadway being affected
  • North arrow
  • Scale of the plan

Within 100 feet of all Proposed work Plot Plan Information Shall Include
  • All property lines, all utility poles and numbers, mailboxes, signs, trees, and above ground utilities
  • All underground utilities (water and sewer)
  • All driveways, intersections, and limits of pavement
  • All fences, walls, guard rails, curbing, berms, and rock outcrops
  • All ditches, swales, and streams
  • All wetland and floodplain areas
  • All pavement markings

A Building Department Plot Plan may be substituted for the above. (Available plot plan information can be obtained in the Engineering Department)