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The Steps
  1. Review some issues that may impact your project
  2. Get your application together
    • Verify that your contractor has a current construction supervisor license.
    • Verify that your contractor is registered as an home improvement contractor.
    • Building Permit Application -  The Building permit application must be signed by the homeowner or submit a signed contract by both parties in compliance with MGL 142 A  (HIC program). Complete all sections that apply to your project. We strongly suggest using our fillable document located throughout our site for clarity. 
    • For Homeowners obtaining their own permit complete the Home Owners Warning Form.
    • Workers' Compensation Insurance affidavit - this must be completed by the contractor or the homeowner, whoever is doing the work.
    • Plot Plan - A plot plan is required if the shed is greater than 15 feet in height and is installed on a permanent foundation . If over 15 feet in height and is installed on a permanent foundation side and rear set back for your zoning district shall be met. If under 15 feet in height and not installed on a permanent foundation the side and rear set back is 5 feet.  At application provide five (5) original copies of the plot plan.
  3. Review your materials before submission to the Building DepartmentAs the homeowner, even if you are using a contractor, you should pay close attention to the following details:

  4. Submit your application materialsSubmit completed forms to the Building Department (500 Dedham Avenue) along with:

  5. What happens next? - Once the application is submitted a review will be completed and your permit will either be issued or denied. 

  6. Get inspections at various stages during the work
    • Call for a final Inspection once installed.

  7. Enjoy your new space

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions to understand this process and avoid problems that may slow down the process.