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The Steps
  1. Review some issues that may impact your project
  2. Get your application together
  3. Review your materials before submission to the Building DepartmentAs the homeowner, even if you are using a contractor, you should pay close attention to the following details:
    • The Building permit application must be signed by the homeowner.
    • Review your plot plan with your surveyor to make sure that all the dimension lines are included for both the existing and proposed structures.
    • Review your plot plan and building plans to insure compliance with current zoning regulations.
    • Sheds are considered accessory structures and there are special zoning laws that apply
  4. Submit your application materialsSubmit completed forms to the Building Department (470 Dedham Avenue) along with:
    • Five copies of the plot plan wet stamped and signed by registered land surveyor (plot plan specifics). (Available plot plan information can be obtained in the Engineering Division)
    • Two copies of building plans (wet stamped and signed), if applicable.
  5. What happens next? - Once the application is submitted, many town departments need to review the components for completeness and compliance. Each of the following departments must sign off on the application before it can be issued:
    • Building Department - completeness of drawings, zoning compliance.
    • Conservation - compliance with wetlands, floodplain, Riverfront Area regulations.
    • Health Department - demolition, septic systems.

    All of these steps are necessary and can take time. The more time you spend to make sure that your application is complete, the quicker your permit will be issued. (Approximate timelines
    The permit is then issued and construction must begin within 6 months.
  6. Get inspections at various stages during the work
    • Submit Surveyor's As Built Form, in triplicate, prior to foundation inspection.
    • Rough framing inspection. 
    • Final building inspection.
  7. Enjoy your new space

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions to understand this process and avoid problems that may slow down the process.