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Structure Demolition
You need the following components for your packet:
  1. If you have a non-conforming use, lot or structure it is recommended that you meet with the building inspector.
  2. Notification of Demolition form that is approved by the Health Department
  3. Once the Health Department has approved the Notification of Demolition form, it must be hand-delivered to the Needham Fire Dept. (88 Chestnut Street) so that an inspection can be scheduled by the fire inspector to certify that all hazardous materials have been removed from the property. The Fire Department will then issue a letter stating that the property is suitable for demolition. You must include this letter in your packet.
  4. Letters from the following entities stating that their services have been disconnected from the property and ready for demolition:
  5. Completed Demolition Affidavit
  6. Proof of ownership, such as a copy of the deed from the Registry of Deeds or the Needham Assessor's Office
  7. Approval from the Conservation Commission
  8. Documentation from HVAC contractor of proper Freon recovery from any A/C condensers
  9. Business letter from the contractor stating that all abutters have been notified of the demolition date and by what means the abutters were notified
  10. This packet of materials must be hand-delivered to the Building Department (500 Dedham Avenue) along with the standard applicable building permit application materials.
  11. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions to understand this process and avoid problems that may slow down the process.