Fee Assistance


The Needham Park and Recreation Commission offers a Fee Assistance Program for Needham resident individuals and families who cannot afford to participate in the department's programs. This program is not available to non-residents, and Park and Recreation does not provide scholarships to programs offered by other departments or organizations. The Commission reserves the right to require a percentage payment on programs with high fees, exceeding $250 for a single program for an individual participant.

How to Apply

In order to become eligible, the individual or family must submit a letter to the Park and Recreation Commission, on letterhead, from a professional who knows of the individual or family's financial need. Letters are accepted from individuals or agencies, such as the Needham Housing Authority, school guidance counselors, Health Department, Veteran's Agent, Aging Services, Youth Services, and an organization that deals with federal or state funding programs, including but not limited to HUD, Head Start, and WIC. This letter is only good for one year, and a new letter must be submitted if the financial need continues the following year.

The letter must include each individual's name, the age of any children, the current home address and the home telephone number.

The letter is kept on file for one full year, and permits the individual or family to register for the following:

  • Season pass to Pools at Rosemary Recreation Complex
  • Season tennis badge to Needham public courts
  • All sessions of youth summer swim lessons at Pools at Rosemary Recreation Complex
  • One session of an individual program per season

Multiple Requests

Eligible individuals and families must follow the regular registration process for all requests, as the letter is not a registration form. For more information, call 781-455-7550, press 3.