Memorial & Donation Details

  • The multipurpose scoreboard and the gazebo were donated by the Needham Exchange Club.
  • The baseball scoreboard was donated by Needham Bank.
  • The archway of cobblestone and steel was donated by the Village Club and installed by Louis Tiberi and his son.
  • The four marble benches and 8 foot high pentagon shaped stone are a gift of the American Legion. Each side of the pentagon denotes one of our armed forces. This impressive monument was given, "In Honor of the dedicated men and women of Needham who served the armed forces of our great country in all wars."
  • In August 1995, Memorial Park Trustee Ron Sockol organized a cadre of volunteers to create a garden at the corner of the Park facing Highland Avenue. A plaque noting the event was donated by Needham Rotary, a contributing sponsor to the garden.
  • On Oct. 16, 2001, a granite Memorial was placed in the garden to honor the victims from Needham who were felled by the 9/11 terrorist attack. John Tigges of Davis Monument donated the granite and the bronze plaque etched with the victims' names, and Hartney Greymont donated the tree that stands beside it. "The Fruit of the Innocent is a Tree of Life," is etched into the stone.
  • The Fields of Dreams was a compilation of donations collected by the Needham Sports Council, with the primary donations for Memorial Park coming from Bud Roche and Needham Bank in honor of Bob Day.