Current Policies

  • No one is to erect a tent or any other structure, or drive any stake into the ground or any part of Memorial Park property without express consent of the Trustees of Memorial Park and the head of the Park and Forestry Department.
  • Anyone generating more than a barrel of trash or materials will be required to remove from the premises said trash and materials.
  • No one is to alter or add or attach to any part of Memorial Park property anything without consent of the Trustees of Memorial Park.
  • The person or organization requesting the usage permit will be responsible for the proper conduct and usage of Memorial Park. All involved areas of the park and buildings will be left in a clean and orderly condition.
  • The usage of the concession stand, if requested, will be run by the organization requesting.
  • Bathrooms must be monitored by the organization to whom the permit was granted, to prevent damage. Any damage will be assessed to the organization.
  • No wheeled vehicles will be allowed on the track at any time.
  • Memorial Park building is a public building and therefore no smoking is allowed.