How to Harden Your Home

  • Enclose any open stairways to basement, raise height of stairwell.
  • Protect window openings by installing or raising existing window wells.
  • Install sump pump/ secondary sump pump with battery or generator back up.
  • Adjust grades/ ground around home to ensure a positive pitch/ slope away from home.
  • Ensure positive pitch away from home on all downspout and sump pump pipes and discharges.
  • Consider eliminating garage under if garage door is lower than surrounding grade
  • Elevate exterior mechanical equipment such as air conditioning equipment and generators.
  • Elevate washers and dryers and other appliances in basement as high as practical.
  • Raise mechanical equipment such as furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters. Just 12” to 18” can help but some of these can even be hung from the ceiling.
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