McLeod Field Renovations

DeFazio Complex


McLeod Field is and important resource for recreational activity in the community and regularly used by organizations such as:

  • High School Athletics Program 
  • Needham Little League
  • Needham Soccer Club

Mcleod Field is one of four 90' baseball fields in Needham. The field is used to support the High School Athletics program in the Spring for Varsity, JV, and Freshman baseball games, Needham Little League in the evenings during the Spring and throughout the days of Summer and Fall, and Needham Soccer Club has used this field to help support their annual Memorial Day soccer games. 

The outfield section of the baseball diamond has been plagued with sinkholes that require emergency repairs. The increase of severe storm activity has hastened erosion to the field subsurface. Maintaining McLeod Field for consistent, safe use has been a challange and often results in scheduled games/activities being canceled. 

By addressing drainage and field conditions, this resource can be maintained more efficiently and our young players and the community as a whole can enjoy McLeod Field on a more consistent basis.

Project Progress

Synthetic Turf Lacrosse Wall
Subgrading Infield and Synthetic turf pitching tunnel
Infield Drainage
Bleacher Installation
Irrigation System Being Installed
Grading Drainage Swale
Overall Project Progress