Municipal Energy Aggregation

At the Special Town Meeting on October 24, 2022, the Town of Needham approved the Municipal Energy Aggregation process. Article 14 was passed, which granted "the Select Board authority to research, develop and participate in a contract, or contracts, to aggregate the electricity load of the residents and businesses in the Town and for other related services, independently, or in joint action with other municipalities, retaining the right of individual residents and businesses to opt-out of the aggregation; or take any other action relative thereto." Further information about this appropriation can be found here

What is Municipal Energy Aggregation?

Municipal (or Community) Energy Aggregation is a form of bulk-purchasing of electricity. A municipality contracts with an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents, businesses, and sometimes the municipality itself. 

Why Municipal Energy Aggregation?

Many Massachusetts municipalities have entered into Municipal Energy Aggregation contracts with electricity suppliers in order to increase the amount of electricity generated using renewable sources and stabilize electricity prices for consumers. 

What is the cost of Municipal Energy Aggregation?

Needham can enter into an aggregation with no cash expenditure by the Town. 

What are the benefits of Municipal Energy Aggregation?

The Climate Action Plan Committee has identified Municipal Energy Aggregation as the single most impactful step that Needham can take in the immediate term to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, an aggregation would stabilize electricity prices for Needham residents and businesses. 

What's currently happening?

As of April 2023: The Town has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant to provide services to implement a municipal energy aggregation program for residents and small business. The RFP can be found here. The Climate Action Plan Committee will provide updates to the process as they come. 

Want more information on Municipal Energy Aggregation? The Climate Action Plan Committee released an FAQ