Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions Beginning with A

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Activity InstructorSchedule C (PDF)
Administrative Analyst (PDF)GE-18 (PDF)
Administrative Assistant (non-represented)G-14 (PDF)
Administrative AssistantI-14 (PDF)
Administrative CoordinatorI-15 (PDF)
Administrative/Office Support Specialist I, II, IIISchedule C
Administrative SpecialistI-15 (PDF)
Animal Control Officer (PDF)GU-16 (PDF)
Animal Inspector (PDF)Schedule C (PDF)
Applications Administrator (PDF)IE-20 (PDF)
Assistant Building Commissioner (PDF)GE-21 (PDF)
Assistant Cataloger (PDF)G-14 (PDF)
Assistant Children’s Librarian (PDF)G-15 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Aging Services for Counseling and VolunteersGE-20
Assistant Director of Aging Services for Programs and TransportationGE-20 
Assistant Director of Assessing (PDF) GE-20 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Building MaintenanceGE-21
Assistant Director of Human Resources (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Public Health GE-22 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Public Health for Nursing and Behavioral HealthGE-22 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Public Works (PDF)K-26 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Public Library (PDF)GE-21 (PDF)
Assistant Director of Park & Recreation (PDF)GE-22 (PDF)
Assistant Director, Aging Services (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
Assistant Program Coordinator (PDF)G-15 (PDF)
Assistant Superintendent (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
Assistant Town Accountant (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
Assistant Town Clerk (PDF)GE-18
Assistant Town Engineer (PDF)GE-22
Assistant Town Manager / Director of Finance (PDF)K-28 (PDF)
Assistant Town Manager / Director of Operations (PDF)K-28
Assistant Town Planner (PDF)GE-19
Assistant Treasurer / Collector (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
AutoCAD Technician (PDF)GU-16 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with B

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Benefits AdministratorGE-18 (PDF)
Building Commissioner (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Building Monitor 1 (PDF)Schedule C (PDF)
Building Monitor 2 (PDF)Schedule C (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with C

Class TitleGrade /Schedule
Care/Veterans Graves & Coordinator of CeremoniesSchedule C (PDF)
Carpenter (PDF)BT-4 (PDF)
Children’s Librarian (PDF)GE-18 (PDF)
Chief of Police (PDF)Contract (PDF)
Chief Pumping Station Operator (PDF)W-7 (PDF)
Civil Engineer (PDF)GE-19 (PDF)
Community Housing Specialist (PDF)G-19 (PDF)
Computer Operator (PDF)I-15 (PDF)
Conservation Specialist (PDF)I-17 (PDF)
Contract Administrator (PDF)GE-21 (PDF)
Crafts Worker (PDF)BT-2 (PDF)
Custodian (PDF)BC-1 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with D

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Department Assistant 1I-12
Department Assistant 2I-13
Department SpecialistI-14 (PDF)
Deputy Fire Chief (PDF)F-4 (PDF)
Deputy Fire Chief, Operations (PDF)F-4 (PDF)
Director of Administration and Finance/Public ServicesK-24 (PDF)
Director of Aging Services (PDF)K-24
Director of Assessing (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Director of Building MaintenanceK-26 (PDF)
Director of Conservation (PDF)K-22 (PDF)
Director of Design and Construction (PDF)K-26 (PDF)
Director of Health and Human Services (PDF)K-26 (PDF)
Director of Human Resources (PDF)K-25 (PDF)
Director of Management Information Systems (PDF)K-25 (PDF)
Director of Park & Recreation (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Director of Planning and Community Development (PDF)K-25 (PDF)
Director of Public Library (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Director of Public Works (PDF)K-28 (PDF)
Director of Youth and Family Services (PDF)K-23 (PDF)
Division Superintendent, Highway (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Division Superintendent, Parks and Forestry (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Division Superintendent, Solid Waste / Recycling (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Division Superintendent, Water, Sewer & Drains (PDF)K-24 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with E

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Economic Development ManagerGE-21
Election ClerkSchedule C (PDF)
Election InspectorSchedule C(PDF)
Election WardenSchedule C (PDF)
Electrician (PDF)BT-4
Emergency Management AdministratorGE-22
Engineering Aide (PDF)GU-15 (PDF)
Environmental Health Agent (PDF)I-20 (PDF)
Equipment Mechanic (PDF)N-5 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with F

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Facility Operations Shift Supervisor (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
Field Assessor (PDF)I-18 (PDF)
Finance and Procurement Coordinator (PDF)GE-21 (PDF)
Finance Committee, Executive Secretary (PDF)GE-19 (PDF)
Fire Captain (PDF)F-3 (PDF)
Fire Chief (PDF)Contract (PDF)
Fire Director of Administrative Services (PDF)IE-20 (PDF)
Fire Lieutenant (PDF)F-2 (PDF)
Firefighter (PDF)F-1 (PDF)
Fleet Supervisor (PDF)K-22 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with G

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
GIS / Administrator (PDF)IE-20 (PDF)
General Services AssistantSchedule C (PDF)
Glazier / Craftsworker (PDF)BT-2 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with H

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Heavy Motor Equipment Operator (HMEO)W-4 (PDF)
HVAC Supervisor
Grade 9
HVAC Technician (PDF)
BT-4 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with I

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Information Technology SpecialistSchedule C (PDF)
Inspector of Plumbing & Gas (PDF)G-19 (PDF)
Inspector of Wires (PDF)G-19 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with L

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Laborer 2 (PDF)W-2 (PDF)
Laborer 3 (PDF)W-3 (PDF)
Laborer / Trades AssistantSchedule C (PDF)
Library Assistant (PDF)G-13 (PDF)
Library Children’s Supervisor (PDF)GE-19 (PDF)
Library Circulation Supervisor (PDF)GE-17 (PDF)
Library Reference Supervisor (PDF)GE-19 (PDF)
Library Technical Services Supervisor (PDF)GE-19 (PDF)
Library Technology Specialist / Archivist (PDF)GE-19 (PDF)
Local Building Inspector (PDF)G-20 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with M

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Management AnalystGrade 8
Master Mechanic (PDF)N-7 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with N

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Network Manager (PDF)IE-23 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with O

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
On-Call Public Health NurseSchedule C (PDF)
Outreach Worker, Council on Aging (PDF)Schedule C (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with P

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Park Ranger 
Parking Clerk (PDF)Schedule C (PDF)
Playground Maintenance Specialist (PDF)Schedule C
Plumber, (PDF)BT-4 (PDF)
Plumbing & Gas Inspector SubstituteSchedule C (PDF)
Police Lieutenant (PDF)P-3 (PDF)
Police Maintenance Assistant (PDF)GU-15 (PDF)
Police MatronSchedule C (PDF)
Police Officer (PDF)P-1 (PDF)
Police Sergeant (PDF)P-2 (PDF)
Program Coordinator (PDF)G-16 (PDF)
Project Manager (PDF)K-22 (PDF)
Public Health Specialist (PDF)GE-22 (PDF)
Public Health Nurse (PDF)I-09 (PDF)
Public Information OfficerGrade 10
Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor (PDF)GF10 (PDF)
Public Safety Dispatcher (PDF)GF07 (PDF)
Public Works Craftsworker (PDF)W-4 (PDF)
Public Works Inspector (PDF)N-6 (PDF)
Public Works Technician (PDF)N-5 (PDF)
Pumping Station Operator (PDF)W-5 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with R

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Recording SecretarySchedule C (PDF)
Recreation Specialist 1-5Schedule C (PDF)
Recreation Supervisor (PDF)I-16 (PDF)
Reference Librarian / Audio Visual Specialist (PDF)GE-18 (PDF)
Reference Librarian / Program SpecialistGE-18 (PDF)
Reference Librarian / Young AdultGE-18 (PDF)
Registrar of VotersSchedule C (PDF)
Retirement Administrator (PDF)GE-20 (PDF)
Ridge Hill RangerSchedule C (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with S

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Scalehouse AttendantN-4
Seasonal Driver I & IISchedule C (PDF)
Senior Administrative CoordinatorI-17 (PDF)
Senior AutoCAD Technician (PDF)GU-19 (PDF)
Senior Corps ParticipantSchedule C (PDF)
Senior Custodian 1BC-2 (PDF)
Senior Custodian 2 (PDF)BC-3 (PDF)
Senior Program Coordinator (PDF)G-20 (PDF)
Senior Project Manager (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Substance Use Prevention Program Coordinator (PDF)G-20 (PDF)
Senior Trip CoordinatorSchedule C (PDF)
Social Worker 1 (PDF)IE-18 (PDF)
Social Worker 2IE-19 (PDF)
Special Detail Worker ISchedule C (PDF)
Special Detail Worker 2Schedule C (PDF)
Student Intern 1-4Schedule C (PDF)
Substitute Building InspectorSchedule C (PDF)
Support Services Manager (PDF)K-22 (PDF)
Survey Party Chief (PDF)GU-18 (PDF)
Systems AnalystIE-18 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with T

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Technology Support Technician (PDF)I-19 (PDF)
Town Clerk (PDF)N/A
Town Accountant (PDF)K-24 (PDF)
Town CounselSchedule C (PDF)
Town Engineer (PDF)K-26 (PDF)
Town Treasurer/Tax CollectorK-24 (PDF)
Traffic Supervisor (PDF)Schedule C (PDF)
Tree Climber (PDF)W-4 (PDF)

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Job Titles Beginning with W

Class TitleGrade / Schedule
Warehouse Person (PDF)BT-1 (PDF)
Water Treatment Facility Manager (PDF)UR-6 (PDF)
Wiring Inspector SubstituteSchedule C (PDF)
Working Foreman (PDF)W-6 (PDF)

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