The Revitalization Trust Fund (NCRTF)

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The Board of Selectmen first appointed the Needham Community Revitalization Trust Fund (NCRTF) in June 1999. The purpose of the Committee is to receive gifts and bequeaths that will be used towards lasting improvements of the public common areas in the Town. Improvements will consist of items such as benches, sculpture, artwork, hardscape, lighting, etc.

Its mission is to revitalize Needham public spaces and bring more art into the public venue through the use of private funds. The NCRTF fund allows private citizens, organizations and businesses to contribute to the NCRTF general fund to help support a variety of NCRTF projects or directly towards a specific NCRTF project within the Town.


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Ten percent of each donation to the fund is automatically allocated to the NCRTF Long Term Maintenance Fund, an interest bearing account. This account creates a financial reserve for use in maintaining each NCRTF legacy project installed. The NCRTF Committee reserves the right to adjust the maintenance allocation percentage based upon need and vote of the Committee.

Donor contributions designated specifically for maintenance and administrative use are allocated directly to the maintenance fund in full without passing through the General Fund. Each project completed is given to the Town of Needham as a gift.


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Paul Good, Chair
Carol de Lemos, Clerk
Jessica Batsevitsky
Marcus Hughes
Eric Valentino

Updated May 2023


The NCRTF Committee meets once a month and meetings are posted in advance on the Town's website.