Rail Trail Advisory Committee

Committee Details

Composition:   When possible, one member of the RTAC should be an abutter to the trail. When practicable, the committee should include:

  • One (1) member of the Park and Recreation Commission;
  • Two (2) residents who are members of the Bay Colony Rail Trail Association;
  • Two (2) residents at large;
  • The Director of Park and Recreation (ex officio and non-voting); and
  • The Director of Public Works or designee (ex officio and non-voting).

* Full-time employees serving on the Committee are regular municipal employees, even though the RTAC members are designated as special municipal employees. 

Purpose:  The Rail Trail Advisory Committee provides advice and assistance to the Select Board and other boards, committees and commissions about the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all portions of the Bay Colony Rail Trail in the Town of Needham. 

Charge: The Rail Trail Advisory Committee will:

  • Monitor the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the portion of the Bay Colony Rail Trail in Needham; 
  • Provide a forum for abutters, residents and trail users to provide feedback and concerns regarding the operation of the trail; 
  • Make recommendations to the Select Board with respect to trail policy, maintenance, and future trail improvements, as appropriate;
  • Liaise with the Mobility Planning & Coordination Committee as required to ensure that the rail trail maximizes opportunities for multi-modal transportation in Needham.
  • Participate in the semi-annual meetings of the Transportation committees (Mobility Planning & Coordination Committee, Transportation Safety Committee, and Rail Trail Advisory Committee).  The purpose of the joint meetings is to align activities, projects, and planning initiatives to facilitate public awareness of current and planned Public Works projects. These meetings shall constitute a regular committee meeting for each committee.  The semi-annual meetings will occur in September and February of each year.  
  • The Committee will meet twice annually to participate in the joint meetings and as needed.  
  • The Committee will elect a chair who shall rotate at least biannually.

Amended by Select Board: January 10, 2023

Year Appointed
Term Expiration
Chris Gerstel20192022Park and Recreation Commission Member
John Bulian2020
2023Resident at Large
James Goldstein20202023Bay Colony Rail Trail Committee Member
Dmitry Gorenburg20202023Bay Colony Rail Trail Committee Member
Gerry Koss20202023Resident at Large
Stacey MulroyEx OficioN/ADirector of Park and Recreation
Edward OlsenEx Oficio
N/ADirector of Public Works (designee)