Holiday Tips

Holiday Recycling, Trash and Composting Guide

The holidays generate a lot of waste. Below are some tips to help you reuse and recycle what you don't need.

Wrapping Paper

  • Only paper wrapping paper and tissue paper can be recycled.
  • Removed bows and ribbons. Tape may be left on.
  • Mylar, cellophane, and metallic paper cannot be recycled.
  • Paper with metallic ink (gold stars, etc.) should not be recycled.
  • Save large pieces of wrapping paper and ribbons for reuse next year.

Ribbons & Bows

  • Ribbons and bows can be saved for reuse next year or disposed of in a yellow trash bag.

Greeting Cards & Envelopes

  • Most greeting cards and envelops can be recycled.
  • Cards and envelops that have gold or silver metallic ink or foil lining should not be recycled.

Christmas Trees

  • Christmas trees can be brought to the brush area for chipping.
  • Please remove all ornaments, decorations, and wires from trees and remove from tree bag.

Wreaths & Garlands

  • Wreaths and garlands cannot be composted because they container too much wire.
  • Remove decorations so you can use them again next year, then place in yellow trash bag and dispose of with your regular household waste.

Christmas Lights

  • Non-working Christmas lights should be recycled in the scrap metal pile. Don't worry, you don't need to remove the glass or plastic lights.

Poinsettias & Holiday Plants

  • Poinsettia and other holiday plants should be composted in the leaf pile. Pots, foil wrapping, and plastic wrapping should be disposed of as trash.


  • Styrofoam 'peanuts' can be given to shipping stores such as the UPS store for reuse. Place in clear plastic bags to make it easy for them so see the clean peanuts.
  • Styrofoam block should be placed in yellow bags and disposed of as trash.