Engineering Division

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Engineering Division provides surveying, drafting, estimating, scheduling, and inspectional services for the Department of Public Works and other Town departments. They consult on most large construction projects and assist with capital planning activities, as well as archive maps and plans relating to Town site plans, property lines, and infrastructure.  

The Engineering Division is responsible for the following:

  • Archives engineering record information including drain, sewer and water construction, highway improvements, bridges, traffic control, and solid waste disposal for the town
  • Provides engineering, surveying, drafting, estimating and inspectional services for the Department of Public Works and other town departments
  • Reviews subdivision and site plan development applications for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Assists in the preparation of department wide scheduling and coordination
  • Conducts neighborhood meetings related to DPW projects
  • Consults with contractors, developers, engineers, local, state, and federal officials in support of department activities
  • Assists the Director of Public Works with Capital Planning activities
  • Develops and maintains a complete file of Assessor's plans, both in the Assessor's Department and in the Engineering Division, recording all land and building additions and alterations
  • Works closely with Assessors in furnishing technical information relating to land and structures
  • Receives and records information from Registry of Deeds and/or Land Court on Assessor's plans
  • Reviews all plot plans and site development plans submitted to Building Department and checks proposed and final construction for compliance with Public Works Department requirements
  • Provides assistance to Police Department on matters pertaining to traffic and parking
  • Performs property surveys of town-owned land, easements, and construction projects