Building Department

Building Department update as of October 16, 2020.

The Building Department is open and we are here to help you.  If you’d like to speak with us please give us a call.  Do not come to our offices without an appointment because we will not be able to meet with you at that time.

Apply for a Permit:

Pay for a Permit:

Building Permits  are all being processed for all work.  The staff is working in ways that maintain social distancing and given our precautions and the demand for permits, wait times for permit processing may be longer than normal. All permit applications must be submitted electronically at  We no longer accept paper permits.  

Payment  may be made by check, e-check and credit card.  Please reference both your Permit Number and the Permit Property Address on your check.  You may drop off your check in the drop box at 500 Dedham Avenue; USMail it to 500 Dedham Ave., Needham, MA 02492; pay by e-check; or pay by credit card (2.95% Processing Fee).  Payment by credit card is generally posted within two to three business days.

Inspections  are performed daily through noon time and the permit applicant must be present at all inspections.  Inspections are not performed until a Permit has been paid for in full.  Contact our office (781-455-7550, Ext. 537) to schedule 2+ days in advance.  Do not leave a phone message to schedule an Inspection, you must call and speak directly with an Associate. To familiarize yourself with our inspection procedure, please read this:

                 Inspection Procedures during COVID-19 Outbreak 

2nd / Irrigation Water Meters  are installed by the Water Department only. Tampering with the Town of Needham's water supply will result in a fine.

The Water Department is not currently installing 2nd meters on existing structures due to Covid-19.  We suggest you check back here in January 2021 for an update.

Scanning and uploading documents in ViewPoint is easy.  Many of the attachments that we receive with Permit Applications are photographs taken with iPhones and iPads.  Photographs aren’t clear pictures.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, please check out Apple’s Document Scanner that is in the Notes tab.  This produces a clear image therefore allowing us to process your permit quicker.  Please check it out at:


For Smoke Detector inspections, please click this link Executive Order


All applications must be submitted via ViewPoint Cloud (VPC) On-Line Permitting:

UPDATED  For more ViewPoint Cloud information please click here


The Building Division staff enforces state building, electrical, plumbing, gas, mechanical codes, and sheet metal as well as local zoning by-laws and Architectural Access Board Regulation.


Our staff:

  • Conducts periodic safety inspections of multi-family dwellings, restaurants, schools, religious institutions, museums, and other places of assembly
  • Issues permits
  • Inspects construction sites

Main Phone Number - 781 455-7550, Ext. 309

Staff Members

  • David A. Roche, CBO
    Building Commissioner - Ext. 308
  • Erik J. Tardif
    Assistant Building Commissioner - Ext. 341
  • Bernard Ashley
    Local Building Inspector - Ext. 335
  • Jim Grover
    Local Building Inspector - Ext. 310
  • Larry V. DiBona
    Plumbing & Gas Inspector - Ext. 311
  • Scott W. Chisholm
    Wiring Inspector - Ext 312
  • John J. McGourty
    Wiring Inspector - Ext 333
  • Lyn Heintz
    Administrative Specialist - Ext. 309
  • Rick Rutherford 
    Department Assistant - Ext 332
  • Sheila Whisler
    Department Assistant - Ext. 215

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