A moderator shall be elected by ballot at the annual town election for a term of 3 years and shall serve as moderator of all town meetings, except as otherwise provided by law, and until a successor is elected and qualified.

The current moderator is Michael K. Fee.

Responsibilities & Purpose

The Town Moderator presides over Needham's representative Town Meeting, a "citizen legislature" which under Massachusetts law and our Town Charter holds the ultimate authority over all municipal affairs. Town Meeting must decide each year how much money will be spent on all town services, including schools, public works, and public safety as well as how much will be spent on our public facilities. Town Meeting's approval is also required to adopt or amend zoning by-laws, general by-laws and at least two-thirds of the Town Meeting must approve the issuance of bonds and the corresponding assumption of debt.

More information about Needham's Town Meeting may be found on the Town Meeting pages.