Taxation Aid Committee


The Taxation Aid Committee meets twice a year.


This program is overseen by a five member board consisting of the chair of the Board of Assessors or designee, the town treasurer or designee, and three citizens appointed by the Select Board.


Article 16 of the Nov. 12, 2003 Special Town Meeting established an Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund by accepting Section 3D of Chapter 60 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Chapter 166 of the Acts of 1998 authorizes cities and towns to establish a fund for the purpose of accepting donations for property tax relief for certain seniors and disabled taxpayers. The acceptance of this statute allows the tax collector to include with the tax bill an enclosure explaining how donations could be made to the fund. The committee is charged with the review of applications and distribution of funds.

Establishment of Funds

The establishment of this fund does not preclude the town from adopting other programs, nor is it meant to replace programs such as the town's senior corps. Any financial assistance that may be realized by a taxpayer from such a fund would not affect any property tax exemption that the person would otherwise be able to receive.

Because funding for this program comes only from donations, the town will not and cannot guarantee a level of assistance, or that the aid would be recurring.