Finance Committee


  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Wednesdays
  • Town Hall
    1471 Highland Avenue
     Needham, MA 02492

The Finance Committee generally meets weekly during the winter and spring months as it conducts its review of the operating and capital budget submissions and the other financial warrant articles that will be presented at the annual town meeting.

The Committee also meets as needed prior to each Special Town Meeting to review the warrant articles and during the year to act on Reserve Fund Transfer requests.


The Finance Committee consists of nine registered voters appointed by the Town Moderator. The Moderator shall appoint annually three members to serve for three years. The Finance Committee elects from its members a chair and other officers.

Louise Miller, Chair
Carol A. Smith-Fachetti, Vice Chair
Karen Calton
Barry Coffman
John Connelly
Carli Hairston
James Healy
Joshua Levy
Paul O'Connor
(as of September, 2023)

General Purpose

The Finance Committee considers all matters of business included within the articles of any warrant for a town meeting, and shall, after due consideration, report thereon its recommendations as to each article that it finds to have a financial implication. The Committee provides a report to the annual town meeting together with the motion in the form to be proposed in connection with each article, in the warrant.


The town by-laws charge the Finance Committee with the responsibility of recommending a balanced budget to Town Meeting for its consideration and vote. The Finance Committee makes recommendations to town meeting on capital requests and on policies and principles of sound fiscal management.

The Committee is mandated by state law to "consider any and all municipal questions for the purpose of making requests or recommendations to the town."