Commission on Disabilities

The Needham Commission on Disabilities consists of nine volunteer members appointed by the Select Board to address the needs and concerns of residents with disabilities.

Monthly meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.  virtually, via zoom.  Meeting recordings are posted to the Town's YouTube channels. Meeting dates are recorded at the Town Clerk’s Office and are posted on the main floor of Town Hall.


  • Co-Chairperson, Jeanie Martin Current term expires; June 2025
  • Co-Chairperson, Carol Thomas Current term expires; June 2024
  • Member, Barbara Moss Current term expires; June 2024
  • Member, Alexa Moore, Current term expires; June 2023
  • Member, Felix Zemel, Current term expires, June 2023
  • Member, Karen Morales, Current term expires, June 2024
  • Member, Maureen Callahan, Current term expires, June 2024
  • Vacant
  • Town Liaison, Tatiana Swanson

Last Updated: December 2022

General Purpose

  • The purpose of the Commission is to advise municipal officials, public and private agencies, and other individuals in order to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local disability laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.)
  • To promote full integration of persons with disabilities into the community
  • To provide information, referrals, and technical assistance to individuals, businesses, and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability issues
  • To participate in a variety of forums and media events to develop public awareness of persons with disabilities and encourage compliance with the A.D.A.

The Commission on Disabilities also provides grants to community based organizations to make it possible for persons with disabilities to participate more fully in programs and activities within Needham.


The Needham Commission on Disabilities is the recipient of funds accrued from handicapped parking violation fines. These funds may be used for grants awarded to community-based organizations and programs, schools and Needham residents with a disability, to improve accessibility, and to provide services and equipment to better enable individuals with disabilities to function more successfully and independently in the community. Proposals for grants may be presented and submitted for consideration by contacting the Needham Commission on Disabilities at (781) 455-7500 x 295. If approved the grant information is then submitted to the Select Board for consent approval. The Needham Commission on Disabilities Grant Application can be found: NCOD Grant Request Application (PDF)

(NCOD)  Co-Chair Carol Thomas and Member Maureen Callahan with Sandy Robinson, Executive Director of the Needham Community Council, who proudly display 3 new wheelchairs purchased using an NCOD grant award

(NCOD)  Co-Chair Carol Thomas and Member Maureen Callahan with Sandy Robinson, Executive Director of the Needham Community Council,  proudly display 3 new wheelchairs purchased using an NCOD grant award

Emergency Registry

The Needham Fire Department announces a Special Needs Registry to help anyone requiring special help during an emergency or an evacuation. If you or someone you know in the area would need special help in an emergency please contact the Needham Fire Department to request a form. This information will only be used by Emergency Management/Services for emergency planning during an evacuation. Call the Needham Fire Department at (781) 455-7565 or visit the Fire Department at 88 Chestnut Street to request a 9-1-1-disability indicator form. DISABILITY INDICATOR FORM (PDF)

This form will provide the police and fire departments information about you when calling 9-1-1 in an emergency. This information is confidential and will only appear at the dispatcher’s location when a 9-1-1 call originates from your address.

State Home Modification Loan Program

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission offers guidance and 0% and 3% home modification loans to help you or a loved one live more independently at home. For more information view the website or contact The Home Modification Loan program at (617)204-3739.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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